2022 Year In Review

A year of work in less than 2 minutes; here is my 2022 year in review.

K18 Shampoo POP Transformation GIF

I created this video for K18 Hair to demonstrate how the box becomes a POP display in a few easy steps. These displays feature the two brand new versions of shampoo K18 offers.

Aquis K18 Stop Motion

Pak Reusable Liquids Bag Stop Motion

This video created for Pak Products LLC introduces the Palette "Wash Me Reuse Me" liquids bag and demonstrates how to use it with their existing High Fiver product. The video had 260,000 views on their IG feed in the first week.

Vote 2020

I created this stop motion video to encourage voting in the 2020 general election.

DeLight Patisserie Valentine's Day

GIF created for DeLight Patisserie for their special Valentine's Day cookie.

Amborella Organics Watermelon Sanitizer

GIF created for Amborella Organics for the elizabeth W hand sanitizer available through their site.

IGK Hair Glow Case

GIF to demonstrate the glow in the dark IGK Hair Airpod case

Amborella Organics Planting Box

GIF created to introduce the new planting box set from Amborella Organics.

IGK Hair Styling Essentials

GIF of the travel sized goodies in the IGK Hair Travel Essentials set.

Amborella Organics Mother's Day

Created for Amborella Organics to demonstrate that you can choose your favorite flavor for Mother's Day.

IGK Hair, Slip, Glow Recipe Giveaway GIF

GIF for a giveaway featuring IGK Hair Antisocial, Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Mask and Slip satin scrunchie.

Amborella Organics

Amborella Organics lollipops hide something special inside the stick: a seed from the flavor of the lollipop. This video shows how a sage & marshmallow lollipop can become a sage plant. Just follow the simple steps after you enjoy your lollipop!

IGK Tote

This stop motion video was created for IGK Hair to promote their new tote bag.

Amborella Halloween

This GIF created for Amborella Organics celebrates organic seed-bearing lollipops as the perfect treat for Halloween.

Amborella Blood Orange & Elder Flower

GIF to promote the new Blood Orange & Elder Flower flavor from Amborella Organics.

TUF Rings Photography

Ecommerce and lifestyle photography of TUF Rings: silicone wedding bands for athletes.

Heinz Rescue Mission

Created by Heather Roe and Travis Roe for the first Heinz Top This TV contest. "Rescue Mission" was a top 15 finalist, chosen by the Board of Directors of Heinz and Oreida from over 4,000 qualified entries.

Amborella Peach and Marigold

Planting the stick from a seed-bearling Peach Marigold Amborella Organics lollipop, water, and grow a marigold plant.

Morley Builders

Video by Gear 6 Productions (gear6productions.com), produced by Heather Collins for Morley Builders. This video highlights their 70 years of building iconic structures in Southern California.

Aerial Glass Sculptures

This video follows the finished installation of two large-scale glass aerial sculptures by J. Gorsuch Collins Architectural Glass. The imagery depicts aspects of life and the natural world, casting color throughout the room and moving with the sun throughout the day.

Installation Timelapse Video: Aerial Glass Sculptures

This video follows the installation of two large-scale glass aerial sculptures through time lapse photography. Artist: J. Gorsuch Collins Architectural Glass.

Library Project, Collins Architectural Glass

These cast and optically laminated glass pieces were created by J. Gorsush Collins Architectural Glass for the Ustick Library Branch in Boise, Idaho. The imagery draws on the history, flora and fauna of the area to give a sense of context and pride to the community.