The Landscape Architecture of Lawrence Halprin (1916-2009), curated by The Cultural Landscape Foundation:

  • National Building Museum (Washington D.C., Nov. 2016-Apr. 2017)
  • Palace of Fine Arts (San Francisco, CA, Jun.-Sept. 2017)
  • A+D Architecture and Design Museum (Los Angeles, CA, Sept.-Dec. 2017)
  • NorthPark Center (Dallas, TX, Feb. 28-Aug. 26, 2018)
  • Boston Architectural College (Boston, MA, Sept. 12-Nov. 17, 2018)


Raleigh Magazine, July/August 2017 issue, "Retreat" feature on Amborella Organics.

Phoenix Home and Garden, July 2017 issue, Fun Finds feature on Amborella Organics.

Los Angeles Magazine, January-April, July-August 2017 issues, Morongo Casino advertising campaign.

Colorado Expressions Magazine, August/September 2015, pages 60-63: "Art Scene: Judy Gorsuch Collins" by Corinne Joy Brown.

Colorado Expressions Magazine, April/May 2013, pages 98-101: "Architecture & Design of the West: Judy Gorsuch Collins Architectural Glass" by Kathy Smith

Laguna Beach Magazine and Newport Beach Magazine, various issues, ads for 11th Moon


"Morley Builders", (Producer), in partnership with Gear 6 Productions of a video piece about Morley Builders' iconic projects and culture for the 70 year old Southern California company.

[undisclosed client], (Producer/Director/Cinematographer) video and stills campaign to introduce a new product to the marketplace, for website and expo distribution, 2017. 100k views on Instagram (Sept 2017).

Amborella Organics, (Producer/Director/Cinematographer) video to introduce the product's unique feature for online distribution, 2016. Shared by NowThis: 9.5 million views, InsiderScience: 3.7 million views.

"Glass Aerial Sculptures", (Producer/Director/Cinematographer) portfolio piece for J. Gorsuch Collins Architectural Glass for web and DVD distribution, 2011.

"Installation Time Lapse ", (Producer/Director/Cinematographer) video for DVD and web distribution documenting an 11 day installation process, for J. Gorsuch Collins Architectural Glass 2011.

“Ustick, Idaho Library”, (Producer/Director/Cinematographer) Portfolio piece for J. Gorsuch Collins Architectural Glass and the City of Boise, Idaho Arts and History, 2009.

“Heinz Rescue Mission”, (Producer/Director) Top 15 Finalist in the Heinz Top This TV contest, July 2007.

“Love Bites”, (Cinematographer), Short, 35mm. Director: Chris Tornow, Producer: Gretl Kruse.

“Randal”, (Cinematographer), Short, 16mm. Director: Alex McNall, Producer: Adam McKinney. Winner of Technical Merit Award at Salem Film Festival, Second Place in Cinematography category.

“Lucifer Loves Roast Beef”, (Cinematographer), Short, 16mm. Director: Lori Johnson, Producer: Jeremy Diller.

“Steak Knife”, (Cinematographer), Short, 16mm. Director: Alex McNall, Producer: Jeremy Diller.

“Akili and Dotti”, (Cinematographer), Feature Documentary, SD. Director/Producer: Vrenda Lee.


  • Task and Purpose, 4K, profile piece
  • "Pleasant Events", 4K, web series
  • "The Dandies", 4K, TV Pilot
  • "Husbands", season two, 4K, web series
  • "Husbands", season one, HD, web series
  • "Miss Dial", 4K, feature film
  • "Wanting Alex", 4K, short
  • "Beautiful Wave", 16mm, feature film
  • “Herpes Boy”, 4K, feature
  • “Boys with Girlfriends”, 4K, Meiko music video
  • “Galapagos”, HD, TV Pilot
  • “Willets Point Station”, 16mm, short
  • “Suppressant”, 35mm, short
  • “Trick My Trucker”, SD, CMT series
  • “Graveyard Shift”, 35mm, short
  • “Eagle Crest”, HD, commercial
  • “Piranhas”, HD, TV pilot
  • “Miss Dirt”, SD, short
  • “Mexican Radio”, 35mm, Kinky music video
  • “The Passing”, 35mm, short
  • The Pardoner’s Tale”, 35mm, short
  • “Chilies”, 16mm, short
  • “Needlehands”, 16mm, short
  • “Waiting for Something Better” 16mm, short
  • “Nobody”, 16mm, Monsters Are Waiting video
  • “Flurge”, 16mm, short
  • “Stalling”, 16mm, short
  • “Lullaby”, 16m, short
  • “Abandoned”, 16mm, short
  • “The Lift”, 16mm, short


  • “Children of the Corn”, 35mm, feature film
  • “City Ballet of L.A.”, 35mm, PSA
  • “3 Days”, 35mm, short
  • "Gang Alternatives Program", 35mm, PSA
  • Fight Promo, HD, Spike TV Promo
  • “Small Avalanches”, 35mm, short
  • “Slow Your Role”, 35mm, short
  • “Jenkin’s Last Meal”, 16mm, short
  • “Telemarkenator”, 16mm, short
  • “Halloween Showdown”, 16mm, short