Raleigh Magazine, July/August 2017 issue, "Retreat" feature on Amborella Organics.

Phoenix Home and Garden, July 2017 issue, Fun Finds feature on Amborella Organics.

Los Angeles Magazine, January-April, July-August 2017 issues, Morongo Casino advertising campaign.

Colorado Expressions Magazine, August/September 2015, pages 60-63: "Art Scene: Judy Gorsuch Collins" by Corinne Joy Brown.

Colorado Expressions Magazine, April/May 2013, pages 98-101: "Architecture & Design of the West: Judy Gorsuch Collins Architectural Glass" by Kathy Smith

Laguna Beach Magazine and Newport Beach Magazine, various issues, ads for 11th Moon


[undisclosed client], video and stills campaign to introduce a new product to the marketplace, for website and expo distribution, 2017.

Amborella Organics, video to introduce the product's unique feature for online distribution, 2016. Shared by NowThis: 9.5 million views, InsiderScience: 3.7 million views.

"Glass Aerial Sculptures", portfolio piece for J. Gorsuch Collins Architectural Glass for web and DVD distribution, 2011.

"Installation Time Lapse ", video for DVD and web distribution documenting an 11 day installation process, for J. Gorsuch Collins Architectural Glass 2011.

“Ustick, Idaho Library”, Portfolio piece for J. Gorsuch Collins Architectural Glass and the City of Boise, Idaho Arts and History, 2009.

“Heinz Rescue Mission”, Top 15 Finalist in the Heinz Top This TV contest, July 2007.

“Love Bites”, Short, 35mm. Director: Chris Tornow, Producer: Gretl Kruse.

“Randal”, Short, 16mm. Director: Alex McNall, Producer: Adam McKinney. Winner of Technical Merit Award at Salem Film Festival, Second Place in Cinematography category.

“Lucifer Loves Roast Beef”, Short, 16mm. Director: Lori Johnson, Producer: Jeremy Diller.

“Steak Knife”, Short, 16mm. Director: Alex McNall, Producer: Jeremy Diller.

“Akili and Dotti”, Feature Documentary, SD. Director/Producer: Vrenda Lee.


  • Task and Purpose, 4K, profile piece
  • "Pleasant Events", 4K, web series
  • "The Dandies", 4K, TV Pilot
  • "Husbands", season two, 4K, web series
  • "Husbands", season one, HD, web series
  • "Miss Dial", 4K, feature film
  • "Wanting Alex", 4K, short
  • "Beautiful Wave", 16mm, feature film
  • “Herpes Boy”, 4K, feature
  • “Boys with Girlfriends”, 4K, Meiko music video
  • “Galapagos”, HD, TV Pilot
  • “Willets Point Station”, 16mm, short
  • “Suppressant”, 35mm, short
  • “Trick My Trucker”, SD, CMT series
  • “Graveyard Shift”, 35mm, short
  • “Eagle Crest”, HD, commercial
  • “Piranhas”, HD, TV pilot
  • “Miss Dirt”, SD, short
  • “Mexican Radio”, 35mm, Kinky music video
  • “The Passing”, 35mm, short
  • The Pardoner’s Tale”, 35mm, short
  • “Chilies”, 16mm, short
  • “Needlehands”, 16mm, short
  • “Waiting for Something Better” 16mm, short
  • “Nobody”, 16mm, Monsters Are Waiting video
  • “Flurge”, 16mm, short
  • “Stalling”, 16mm, short
  • “Lullaby”, 16m, short
  • “Abandoned”, 16mm, short
  • “The Lift”, 16mm, short


  • “Children of the Corn”, 35mm, feature film
  • “City Ballet of L.A.”, 35mm, PSA
  • “3 Days”, 35mm, short
  • "Gang Alternatives Program", 35mm, PSA
  • Fight Promo, HD, Spike TV Promo
  • “Small Avalanches”, 35mm, short
  • “Slow Your Role”, 35mm, short
  • “Jenkin’s Last Meal”, 16mm, short
  • “Telemarkenator”, 16mm, short
  • “Halloween Showdown”, 16mm, short